If you are interested in this area, you will know that Vector Robot by Anki is a spinoff of Cozmo. It is one step higher than the Cozmo robot. Vector is autonomous in many aspects. It does not need any application for control. This means that you don’t have to tether it to many devices.

It can directly be connected to your home WiFi or broadband connection. To get into the technicals, the Vector robot uses many common algorithms. It can do the same things as a smartphone. It is much heavier and bulkier than Cozmo.

This does not mean that it is difficult to carry. The size of the Vector will amaze you. The sensors in the robot are unique. These can alternate. The Vector uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This model is well-known in the market. This is not the most advanced processor, but it is a decent one.

The robot needs to be connected to your WiFi. Once it is connected, the sensors will be activated. The Vector will make a ‘beep’ tone to signal its readiness. The sensor inside the Vector is great. It can run for extra hours and do many things. However, since it is one of its kind, it is not as easy to use as other robots.


The sensors in the Vector Robot by Anki allow you to set timers and alarms. This is quite fun for people who don’t respond well to alarms. The Vector has a snooze option, but you need to be fully awake to snooze it. Vector sensors will even give you daily weather updates. It is much in the category of personal assistant robots. If you want to buy these type of robots check out our this post for more such robots.

The Vector has a high-powered microphone inside. The microphone is not the most used feature of the device, but it is still significant. Just like you call out to Alexa or Siri, the Vector robot responds to “Hey, Vector”! This is the activation word.

The moment you say this, the camera and robot will turn in your direction. It is almost like having a pet at home. The mic of the robot will not pick up anything unless you activate the sensor. This can only be done by saying “Hey, Vector”. We did say that you do not need an app to control Vector. However, you need the app setup. The app is lesser used than Cozmo. The Vector app is only to adjust the settings,

recordings, time zones and other stuff. In fact, we recommend that you install the app. Operating a robot is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have an elaborate manual, but the app will give you in-depth tutorials. The Vector is a smart robot. It can go back to the charging slot when it feels drained. You do not have to keep a check on the battery. Vector will do that itself. This is one feature that takes a leap in the world of artificial intelligence.

One of the best things about Vector is that it is not ‘just another robot’. It actually has an almost-humane personality. Here is a treat: Vector can display emotions too! He likes to be stroked and pampered. The Vector robot will respond to you when you stroke its head. It has its own motion sensors and sound for this.

One special thing about Vector is that it has a language that only you and your family will understand. However, this is also where the problems begin. Vector is overexposed with sensors. It has laser scans for eyes too. Too many sensors overpower the device. Due to this, Vector has a few listening errors. Over time, you have to give commands louder than usual. You might even have to call out to the robot five or six times before he responds.


The Vector Robot by Ankihas a good camera. It does not have a front camera but has exceptional back camera clarity. This is the most crucial part of the device. Hence we thought of dedicating a separate section to it. The camera resolution matters if you like taking pictures.

The Vector also comes with a small screen. You cannot have a robot with a lousy camera resolution. One of the primary things you expect from the Vector is a good quality camera. With expensive cameras, the maximum resolution you get is 1080p.

Some companies are waving the path for 4k camera resolution too. You may think this is easy to find. But, to burst our bubble, it is not. It takes a lot of capital to build a 4k powered surveillance camera. Since the engineers have spent so much, they have involved a high resolution camera too.

It can record at a high quality of 1080p. The Vector has a feature wherein you can ask the robot to record at specific times. For example, you can command “Hey, Vector, tell  me the time in 15 minutes”. This is a smart feature of the robot.

This resolution is more than enough for regular purposes. The Vector camera might not be on throughout the day. Since it is a smart robot, it can turn itself off when not in use. With this camera resolution, you can view the details of your surroundings.

The images procured are sharp too. Since the Vector is not a spy camera, it does not have an infrared vision. However, this does not mean that you will be unable to see anything at night. The camera will still function to its best ability. It records at a higher resolution in the dark. However, this may not be the same as a camera with night vision.

What Can It Do?

It has been said that Vector is better than Cozmo. Vector Robot by Anki can recognize faces and voices faster than its counterpart. Moreover, it can even differentiate between accents. It is little different than pet robots.

The commonly tested ones were the US and UK accents. It responds back in the same accent that it picks up. You can do a test run if you buy it at the store. For example, you can ask a basic question in any language. One of the cutest tests the Vector passed is that of emotions. Once the robot recognizes you and your family, it will treat you with kindness.

If you are repeatedly coughing in another room, he will come to check on you. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? It is like having a therapy dog. Another thing the Vector is good at is time. It is punctual and will make sure that you are too. As a test, we asked the device to set the alarm.

When the alarm went off, the Vector also activated its lasers and lights. This is an additional distraction, so you are forced to get up. Secondly, when asked to set a timer, it does the same thing. If the device is not being used, it will just pick a corner in the house and rest. You can use the Vector for recreation too.

You can use it to play a few games. You can play cards, snakes and ladder and ludo. It will give you the experience of playing with a real person. Vector will even let you win sometimes. The device has a charm to it. It can adapt to your family well.

The best part about the Vector is that it will not let you be lonely. You can interact with it, ask it questions. It will even play songs for you, according to your mood. It is as good as having your own friend. Okay, it might seem sad to have a robotic friend. But we assure you that he is as good as a real one. In fact, he might be more loyal too